Kromotypo 3

Kromotypo 3 is a type-3, color-changing, hard stone with extra-fine granulometry specific for the preparation of total and partial removable master models, metal framework, study, preliminary and antagonist models.

The extra fine granulometry guarantees compact surfaces, high definition of the detail, resistance to compression and abrasion, thus preserving the model during the processing phases, and the construction of the extremely precise prosthesis.
Kromotypo3 is compatible with all impression material and all products for the isolation of plaster against plaster.
Final color: Light blue.

• Water/powder ratio: 29 ml/100 g
• Imbibition time: 20”
• Manual mixing time: 60”
• Mechanical mixing time: 30”
• Pouring time: 3’
• Setting time: 7’
• Time for separation after setting*: 30’
• Setting expansion (after 2 hours): 0,09 %
• Compressive strength (after 24 hours): 66 MPa – 9.565 Psi – 670 Kg/cm2
• Rockwell hardness (after 24 hours): 70 HRl

Measurements at 23°C with deionized water.

* Depending on the impression material used, the times indicated may vary.


The light blue color indicates the mixing time, the appearance of the purple color indicates that the plaster can be poured, and the final light blue color indicates that the complete hardening of the plaster has taken place and the model can be removed from the impression.


KTP095 – 1 x 25 kg bucket
KTP097 – 1 x 6 kg bucket

KTP312 – Box containing 10 x 1.250 kg bags (12.5 kg)

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